The Hopi Indians and their ancestors are Native Americans who have lived in Northwestern Arizona for thousands of years.  Information suggests that the name 'Hopi' is translated to mean 'peaceful person'.  These Southwest American Indians inhabit an area called the Black Mesa, a plateau which rises 1,000 feet above the surrounding grasslands, and refer to this place as the center of the universe.

Located in Northern Arizona, the Hopi Reservations encompasses approximately 1.5 million acres.  Hopi land rises up 7,200 feet, offering panoramic views of the surrounding low-altitude desert.  You'll find amazing history, culture, art, and food when you visit here...

First Mesa Consolidated Villages offers organized tours in their jurisdiction. Visitors may travel freely along primary highways; off-road travel, including jeeps, motorcycles and 4-wheel drive vehicles, is prohibited without a guide. Your consideration is truly appreciated!

History Fun Fact.  Oraibi, the westernmost Hopi Pueblo, is the oldest continuously inhabited U.S. settlement.  This multi-level living complex was built by stacking rooms (without ground-level openings) several stories high around a center courtyard.