Traditionally agricultural and respectful people, the Hopi are tightly knit together by clan relationship. Considered the "oldest of the native people" the Hopi reside in 12 traditional villages, home to a total population of about 10,000. Each village is self-governing and members of the tribe identify themselves with their village and clan.

Intensely spiritual and fiercely independent, the Hopi value their privacy and conduct religious ceremonies throughout the year. Please respect and honor each village's rules on visitation. While most Katsina dances are open to the public, photography, sketching and recording of religious ceremonies are not allowed.

For more information on proper conduct while visiting the villages, please review the information listed here.

Oraibi, the westernmost Hopi pueblo, is the oldest continuously inhabited U.S. settlement. This multi-level living complex was built by stacking rooms (without ground-level openings) several stories high around a center courtyard.


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