Explore the mesas:

Walpi, located on First Mesa, is a historic village, with its high-rise dwellings and a view for beautiful sunsets.  On top of the First Mesa, there are three (3) villages that are recognized for their handmade Hopi pottery, artistic paintings & drawings, and Hopi Katsina dolls.

On Second Mesa, where the Hopi Cultural Center is located, along with the villages Shungopavi, Sipaulvi and Mishongnovi. Second Mesa villages are noted for fine Hopi weaving of traditional clothing, coiled baskets, artistic paintings & drawings, Hopi Over-lay Jewelry, and Katsina dolls.

On Third Mesa, you will find the village of the Old Orabi; the oldest settlement dating back to 1100 A.D. with ruins still standing.  Third Mesa also consists of a subsidiary of Old Orabi called Kykotsmovi, village of Bacai, Hotevilla, and Upper & Lower Meonocpi, which are located 65 miles west on HWY 64.  Third Mesa is recognized for their fine Hopi weaving of traditional clothing, wicker weaving plaques, and multicolored yucca baskets, artistic paintings & drawings, Hopi Over-lay Jewelry

All items made have ceremonial uses, and these days are sold to provide for their families are also made for art shows/markets. Indeed, rarely is a Hopi's craft merely an attractive design executed in a particular style; all depict something considered important to the maker.